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We can meet your bulk orders of handicrafts in the shortest time with our experienced staff.

All of our products are manufactured by handicraft by using high quality raw materials.

In the production stages, we use the molds which we bought or manufactured.

The assembly of the bag parts is done by machine stitching.

Since all production stages are made individually, special products are produced that are different from each other.

Type of products that you can order wholesale;

Felt bags: all types of felt bags in our website.

Table runners

Door wreaths

Hair bands

We can make customizations in all products as requested. ( Color, size, type, design etc ...)

We can offer packaging and labeling services according to your demands.

Requirements for wholesale product order:

Bulk order quantity on wholesale should be;

At least 50 pieces in bag group (except clutch and tablet case) and door wreath products,

At least 25 pieces in table runner group, 

At least 80 pieces in hair band and small bags (clutch, tablet pouch etc.).

You can create a bulk order by selecting as many different items as you want, in bags and table runner group, but your order must contain at least 5 pieces from each product. (For example, if you order a total of 50 bags, you can choose from 10 different products, each containing 5 items.) We can also meet your bulk product orders that are not suitable for this situation but, because of the production stages require a lot of variety, our price offers will be higher than standart bulk orders.

We can also offer a bulk product offer for products that which we don't have in our website and will be determined entirely by you. (Detailed description of the product you have requested and if available the images should be sent to us)

Our wholesale product prices vary depending on your order quantity, the types of products you request and the terms.

Offer stages;

Our communication channels:


tel / whatsapp: +90 536 271 60 00

You can reach us through the communication channels and get all the information you need before your request.

Our offer process starts when you send your request in writing to the "" e-mail address.

Wholesale product orders shipping fee belongs to buyer, products are delivered to you with the most reasonable price and with confidence. You will also be informed about the approximate costs of the shipping fee during the offer phase.

Our price quotations for your wholesale product orders include a detailed description of all the features of the products, together with the visuals, if possible. The deadline for the deadline is specified in the proposal, and the approved contract, which will be prepared by us, will be sent to you.

In case of acceptance of our offer, half of the total amount shall be received in advance at the beginning of the work and the rest shall be collected in the delivery of the product.